The mission of Duo Del Sur is to communicate the poetry and expressiveness of the music of Latin American composers through a mixture of traditional repertoire for flute and piano and music featuring wind instruments of the Andes. Duo Del Sur, meaning Duo from the South, in direct reference to the South American countries from which the musicians are originally from, was born as a standard flute and piano twosome and progressively acquired the aim of creating a new musical project, more concerned with the popular roots of Latin American soul. The musicians then became united and impelled the use of an extraordinary variety of autochthonous instruments which are the expression of their identity. That's the way it happened. Duo Del Sur has been, since its beginning, a group of singular characteristics.
“For those of us who were present it will remain a memorable afternoon.  Your professionalism, talent, selection of music and interaction with the audience was beyond reproach.”
            ~ Paul Pelletier